Our Mission

At Mole Trappers PDX,  we care about making sure your mole issue is solved in a timely manner and make it our goal to clear your yard or property with the least hassle and stress to you. We value quality customer service, characterized by promptness, honesty and integrity.

Some of our distinctive qualities are clear, affordable pricing, accurate mole recording, and excellent service.

Pricing: Our pricing structure is set up for maximum value and ease for our customers. With Mole Trappers PDX you will never have to stress about an unreasonable estimate or complex pricing scheme. We clearly state our prices for all to see because we aim to provide to BEST service at an unbeatable value.

Online Documentation: Our online documentation system enables us to accurately keep track of every mole and gopher that we catch. Our customers can rest assured knowing that they will NEVER get charged for a mole that isn’t documented and kept on file at our office. We photograph each mole caught to make sure that we can accurately and honestly serve our customer’s needs.

Service: We strive to honor our customers and their yards through removing their moles. This means that we service your property in the most Eco-friendly and child safe ways possible using extreme care and concern at every job. We recognize that no job is worth risking the injury of children or animals. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. We also ensure that we are easy to get in contact with if you have any questions or concerns during your service. Experience the difference today!

Gabriel – Owner, Mole Trappers PDX

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