PERC System for Mole Control

$197   Under 1 acre

$257  1-1.5 acres

$297  1.5-2 acres

PERC Image


  • Initial consultation
  • Walk-around of entire property to check for moles, rats, mice or other problematic pests
  • Complete treatment of all mole activity using our PERC system
  • 1 month warranty


The PERC mole treatment is a trap-free way to rid your property of moles. Our PERC unit injects a special solution into the mole’s tunnel systems. The solution dissipates within 5-10 minutes of treatment and is completely kid and pet safe once it is over. The moles are exterminated during the treatment and all mole activity is flattened before we leave the property. The solution that we inject into the mole tunnels is poison-free and safe for  kids, pets, and plants.

Contact us to set up a free estimate and to get rid of your mole problem today!

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