Gopher Exterminators

$197 Complete Gopher Removal Service


  • Initial set up & consultation
  • Weekly checking & resetting all traps; service for up to two months
  • 2 gophers caught (additional gophers are $30 per gophers caught)
  • Free removal of all caught gophers
  • Online documentation of every gopher that we catch for the most accurate billing



Gophers are like moles in many ways, but they are also very unique and require a different trapping method to catch. Here are some facts about gophers:

  1. Gophers gather and eat plants, and root-balls of plants, and often come above ground to do so, whereas moles mainly eat grubs,worms, beetles, and any other insect that falls into their feeding tunnels, and stay in the ground most of their life.
  2. Gopher tunnels are usually much deeper than mole tunnels, and serve different purposes. Moles use their feeding tunnels or “runs” as a food source, as opposed to gophers which use the tunnels more for shelter and storage of plants.
  3. Moles are blind, but gophers have fine vision. This changes our strategy for trapping and controlling them.
  4. Gophers tend to show up in large fields and often cause harm to vineyards, nurseries, and construction sites.
  5. Gophers can destroy huge crops of almost every plant imaginable, and are extremely dangerous to farmer’s crops in Oregon.


Mole Trappers PDX provides the best gopher control services in the area.

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