Trapping Moles During the Spring

Catching Moles In The Spring Time


Warmer weather generally means more mole activity, which explains why moles and gophers are going crazy this spring! We’ve noticed a huge increase in mole activity this spring due to the combination of warm, sunny weather streaks and (still fairly warm) rainy streaks. Warm brings bugs, worms, and other insects up closer to the surface of the soil which causes moles to follow quickly behind. During the winter time insects, and therefore moles, go deeper in the soil to avoid both freezing and having to dig through frozen soil.  For this very reason homeowners and farmers will often stop seeing mole tunnels/piles on their property and assume that the mole decided to leave and go destroy someone else’s  perfectly manicured lawn – only to soon discover once spring time comes along that the moles never left. One of the most common testimonies that I hear goes something like this: “We had TONS of mole activity in our yard last year and we tried everything from smoke bombs to beepers with no luck, and then they just went away during the winter. But now, they’re BACK!”.

If the moles aren’t taken care of fairly soon after discovering fresh activity, homeowners run the risk that the moles will reproduce and thus multiply the time, money, and stress of having them trapped. Moles reproduce during the spring time so if a homeowner isn’t on the ball with trapping them the problem can get much larger in a short amount of time. If you are having mole activity on your property remember- the problem only will get worse if left alone. Just like with any yard project, if it isn’t kept in check it will be a pain to take care of later. I was reminded of this recently when I decided to wait two weeks before mowing my back yard instead of doing it every week. I ended up spending at least twice as much time as I normally would because I was dealing with twice as much grass! Let this be a lesson to you. Everything deteriorates over time when ignored; and that is especially true in regards to trapping moles. Better to deal with trapping one mole now than trapping eight moles in six months.

If you have moles in your lawn, garden, or farm and would like to have them trapped, or if you’d like organic mole repellent sprayed around your property to help prevent moles this spring, contact us today and we’d be happy to help!

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