Getting Rid Of Moles In Your Yard


How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard


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The Wrong Ways                                                                        

Getting rid of moles can be a troublesome task for even the most handy of homeowners. The phrase “making a mountain out of a mole hill” truly comes to life when people start trying to take care of a mole problem when they have no experience! From chewing gum to smoke bombs to pitchforks, frustrated homeowners have tried just about every method under the sun in their attempt to get rid of their mole problem (with little success). Yards look more and more like battlefields as moles evade the onslaught of these “home remedies”.

Local hardware stores sell so many products that are completely useless in actually getting rid of moles and gophers. Poison pellets, and fake worms are sold at high prices to ignorant homeowners who are desperate to get rid of their moles. These methods should be avoided at all costs; they are well advertised but they do not work.

It is important to remember that DIY pest control projects rarely work well. Unless you really understand how your pest lives, thinks, and acts, trying to get rid of it will probably do more harm than good. Aside from wasting time, home remedies are often more dangerous to the user than to the mouse, rat, mole or gopher. Some people even go so far as igniting flammable gases inside of tunnel systems. Mole control is particularly difficult to do properly because people are too unfamiliar with a mole’s habits and tunnel systems to successfully eliminate them.


The Right Ways

Okay, so we’ve established that it is useless to try most of the proposed “home remedies” out there. Odds are you will spend a good deal of time and money and still have hills in your landscaped yard. But what techniques actually work in treating, removing, and controlling moles? We have found that there are two methods that are extremely effective against moles and burrowing animals.

The first method is to use traps to catch the moles. People have many different opinions regarding the best trap to use but in the Northwest (particularly Oregon and Washington) we have found that a “scissor” style trap is by far the most effective trap for mole problems. Scissor traps allow the mole to enter the trap from either direction and are extremely effective when used properly. At Mole Trappers PDX we use scissor style traps exclusively against moles. The most important part in setting a scissor trap is finding the proper tunnels to place the traps in. Moles have a two tiered tunnel system and finding the lower level tunnels is key to successful trapping. Although trapping can be done on your own, we always recommend having a professional come and set traps; they will have better equipment and will be able to catch the pests much faster.

The second, and most effective method is to have your yard treated with a PERC (pressurized exhaust rodent controller). Mole Trappers PDX is the only company on the West side of Oregon and Washington that uses a PERC! The PERC is designed and manufactured to kill burrowing rodents and is extremely effective in eliminating moles and gophers in a single treatment. The best part about our treatment service with the PERC is that you never have to worry about having traps set in your yard! Once we leave your property you can have your kids and pets outside without any concern for their safety. Treatment takes between 20 minutes and 60 minutes (for properties under an acre) depending on how much activity there is. The PERC is completely poison free and is extremely safe for kids, pets, and plants of all kinds. At Mole Trappers PDX we believe that treating your mole activity using a PERC is the best solution for a mole-free yard! Call us today to have your property treated for moles!

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